Download Instructions

The ecosys program is only freely available for those who have contacted us and been given a user ID and password. If you don’t have a user ID and password, please email us. There are two parts to download. One is the executable. The other is the sample run library which end users can use it to test the executable code.

To download the ecosys executable program, please click one of the following files:

To download the pre-designed library files and use them to familiarize yourself with the ecosys program and meanings of different input data, please click

You will be prompted to enter your user ID and password. The login window will look like the following picture.

On the login window you have to enter the user name you were provided with in the user name field, and the password you were provided with in the password field.

After you enter the user name and password correctly, click the OK button on the login window. You will be directed to a sharepoint portal site where the files are located in the DownloadSoftware work site. Clicking on the file will open a window like the one below where you should select the Save button to save the file to your local directory for later installation. Repeat this for the file.

After downloading these files, you are ready to install them. To see the instructions about how to install these programs, please click “Install” on the left window.