The Ecosys Modelling Project


The ecosys modelling program is dedicated to the construction and testing of a comprehensive mathematical model ('ecosys ') of natural and managed ecosystems (agriculture, forests, savannah, grassland, tundra, desert). The long-term objectives of this program are to provide a means to anticipate ecosystem behaviour under different environmental conditions (soils, climates and managements).


Model Development

At this time, the overall architecture of ecosys has been established and many of its higher resolution processes have been tested in collaboration with experimental research programs in the U.S., Europe and Canada. The testing of other processes are in progress.


Model Function

Options are provided in ecosys to introduce a full range of management practices into model simulations45, including tillage (defined by dates, depths, degrees of soil mixing), fertilization (dates, application methods and depths, types and amounts of: N, P lime, gypsum, residue, manure), irrigation (dates, times, amounts, chemical composition), planting (species, dates, densities), and harvesting (dates, types, heights).


Download Instructions

The ecosys program is only freely available for those who have contacted us and been given a user ID and password. If you don't have a user ID and password, please email us. There are two parts to download. One is the executable. The other is the sample run library which end users can use it to test the executable code.


Contact Us

For problems regarding the mathematical models of the ecosys simulation program.

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